Where Do I Adopt a Pet in Las Vegas?

If you’re looking for a furry friend in Las Vegas you might be tempted to purchase one from a pet store or breeder. But, did you know that there are thousands of pets in shelters and rescues right now in the Vegas valley? Many of these pets are pure breed animals as well. So before you ask yourself “where do i adopt a pet in Las Vegas”, check out our list of top shelters and rescues.

Animal Foundation

“Much like a public hospital, as an open-admission shelter, The Animal Foundation takes in every animal who comes to us in need, no matter how sick or injured. From the expected dogs, cats, and rabbits, to pigs, fighting roosters, and exotic animals, we serve them all. Just like a hospital, we can’t save them all. What we can do, with the support of the community, is save every healthy and treatable animal who comes to us in need.”

Nevada SPCA

“The Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) was founded in 1982, as the original no-kill shelter in Las Vegas.
NSPCA is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. We take in over 2000 dogs, cats, rabbits and small animals each year. Our goal is to treat each animal in our care as an individual, with a name and a unique personality.
NSPCA does not receive funding from any large national SPCA or from any government agency. We are an independent non-profit organization that relies entirely on the generosity of animal lovers like you to make our lifesaving work possible.”

Henderson Animal Shelter

“Henderson Animal Care and Control exists to serve the community, aid, comfort, and provide medical attention to animals.”

Churchill Foundation

“We EDUCATE those looking for a new pet on important lifestyle matches to ensure for-life placements.We ADVOCATE for saving every life by dedicating our time to major medical and behavioral cases, because all lives deserve a chance.We INSPIRE others to think past stereotypes and misinformation about shelter dogs and breed labels. We are The Churchill Foundation”

Conner and Millies Dog Rescue

“This rescue is named after two very special dogs that I was blessed to have in my life. That the universe found me to be worthy of such a gift is forever humbling. This rescue is their legacy. It is based on Connor and Millie’s sheer tenacity and determination to survive; their desire to love, be loved, and the ability to forgive. Please join us in this mission to seek out and provide hope to the Connors and the Millies struggling out there and gift them a destiny.”

Hearts Alive Village

“Hearts Alive Village, a nonprofit organization, was founded in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, because of an intense need to help save dogs and cats from losing their lives in an overcrowded shelter system. Our adoption centers and foster homes continue to provide a safe haven for pets to heal while awaiting their new home.”

Las Vegas Valley Humane Society

“The LVVHS’s primary emphasis is on stray and abandoned animals. As a part of its efforts to deal with cruelty and the relief of suffering, it provides advocacy for animals in terms of legislation at both the local and state level.”

Foreclosed upon Pets Inc.

“Some rescued pets come from owners who have passed away or due to severe illness can no longer care for their pet. Other animals come from less responsible pet owners who have neglected, abused and/or abandoned their pets.Upon rescue, many of these animals are in need of medical attention, appropriate food, and socialization with people and other animals.FUPI’s approach to animal rescue will be a proactive alternative to animal cruelty and abandonment.”


So before you think about buying a pet, please consider the option to adopt a pet in Las Vegas. Rescued pets provide so much love and they really do make the best pets. Do you have a rescue story? Share it with us below. We love to hear about your pets. 




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