How To Keep Your Pet Safe Before, During, and After an Earthquake

How To Keep Your Pet Safe Before, During, and After an Earthquake

It has definitely been an odd summer here in Las Vegas! Multiple earthquakes occurred in California, and they were so strong that they also shook the ground here! Although they weren’t extremely strong and definitely not as frequent as other places, we still should be prepared for anything – especially when it comes to making sure our pets are safe. This is how to keep your pet safe before, during, and after and earthquake. Besides, we can never be too cautious when it comes to our fur family members!


1. Make Sure Your Pets Are Properly Identified

Make sure your pet is always identifiable, either with a microchip or tags. Even when pets are inside, they should wear IDs in case they get out. If your pet escapes during an earthquake, tags will allow them to be more quickly reunited with you afterwards.



2. Be Familiar With Hiding Places

Many pets have favorite hiding places or just like to hang out in areas that aren’t so accessible to you. Make sure to know where these places are. Many pets will hide when they are frightened, and it’s likely they will choose one of their favorite or most comfortable spots to hide during an earthquake.



3. Display A Pet Alert Sign

Window stickers will notify first responders that there are animals inside your home in case of an emergency. This could lead to a quicker retrieval of your pets in case first responders need to enter your home and complete an evacuation.



4. Build A Pet Disaster Preparedness Kit

These pet disaster kits should include your pet’s current veterinary and vaccination records, food, water, and any of their medications. In case of an emergency evacuation of your home, these should be easily accessible so you can grab them quickly and go! Check out our list of the Five Best Vets Las Vegas if you need to get your pet’s records up to date!


5. Continue To Monitor Your Pet

Some animals will be extremely shaken up after an earthquake. They have a wider hearing range and better scent detection than humans, so they likely will be more strongly affected by the earthquake and any possible after-shocks. Try to comfort your pet and make sure they stay as calm and comfortable as possible.




6. Check Animal Shelters

If you pet goes missing during an earthquake, don’t hesitate to check your local shelters to see if someone brought them there. The Animal Foundation is Las Vegas’s largest shelter. Shelters will usually post photos online within 24 hours of an animal arriving at the shelter. So make it a point to check online and go in person to see if your fur baby is waiting for you.



There you have it – how to keep your pet safe before, during, and after an earthquake. These steps can also be followed for other types of emergencies, including fires or floods. Following these steps will ensure you are prepared for anything that may come your way so you and your fur baby will be safe and sound.



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