Hotel Pet Sitting Las Vegas

Traveling with your pets can be complicated. You have to make sure to pack all their food and necessities, buy their plane ticket and get their travel documents. But then there’s the issue of where to stay. Did you know that in Las Vegas many of the hotels are pet friendly? If you plan on leaving your pet in the hotel for an extended period of time, you may want to consider having a pet sitter. A lot of hotels have rules about leaving pets in the room un-attended so make sure you refer to your hotels rules and regulations. Some of these rules included not leaving pets unattended at any time during their stay. If you’re planning to enjoy things like gambling, pools, bars or restaurants those places will not allow pets even f the hotel is pet friendly.   If you find that you do need a pet sitter, we can help you with with hotel pet sitting Las Vegas.

hotel pet sitting las vegas

How Does it Work?

It’s best to contact us via email or phone before you arrive in Las Vegas. That way we can get you set up in our online booking system and make sure we have availability. For hotel pet sitting we have a one hour minimum. Our highly trained pet sitters can either arrive before you leave your room or they can get a room key from the front desk. We are the ONLY pet sitting company in Las Vegas that meet the insurance requirements imposed by the hotels. We are also the ONLY preferred vendor for many of the strip properties.

During the visit your pet sitter will play with your pet, take them for walks, feed them and administer meds if needed. Depending on the length of the visit they can do multiple walks. Most Las Vegas Hotels have designated areas for pets to potty.

How Much Does it Cost?

Hotel Visits start at $50/hour. We do have a 1 hour min but no maximum. Our pet sitters do book up so it is best to request the service as early as possible. If you have multiple animals, unique situations or need a last minute booking added fees may apply. Please Call Us for exact details .

We hope you enjoy your pet friendly hotel in Las Vegas. There are many to choose from so if you are still actively searching make sure to check out our top 10 list of pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas.










  1. Craig Browne

    Hello We wou;ld like to have our dog looked after on Much 21 evening and maybe 22 At Mirage

    please provide some idea of costs for a 5 hour evening on March 21 and 4 hours on March 22


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