Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week

Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week

No matter where you live, if you drive around, you may see a dog chained in someone’s yard. Have you ever stopped to think about how those animals are living, or how they are treated? Did you know that many cities have laws prohibiting the chaining of animals? Maybe you haven’t even thought about it, but you should. That’s why Dogs Deserve Better created a week dedicated to bringing awareness to the chaining of dogs. With community awareness of the laws and regulations we can all have a heart for chained dogs by ending the cruel practice.

Clark County NV Laws

  • (a) When the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory, dogs and cats must be provided with supplemental cooling to adequately reduce the temperature to a normal range for the species.

    (b)When the outdoor temperature is above eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit, dogs and cats must have enough shade at all times to protect themselves from any direct sunlight that is likely to cause overheating or discomfort.

    (c)When the outdoor temperature is below fifty degrees Fahrenheit, dogs and cats must be provided an additional amount of clean bedding or other protection to keep the animal warm.

    (Ord. No. 4355, § 11, 11-18-2015)


    (a) It is unlawful to confine or overcrowd, including stacking, an animal in any cage, coop, crate, box or any enclosure in a cruel or inhumane manner, or so as to produce torture.

    (b)It is unlawful to restrict any animal by leash, cord, or chain of a length which causes cruelty or torture to the animal.

    (c)Except for situations described in NRS 574.100(4), it is unlawful to tether, tie, chain or use other restraint on a dog for longer than ten hours during a twenty-four-hour period or at any time when the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory. Any tether, tie, chain or other restraint used on a dog must be at least twelve feet long. Dogs tied to a stationary object must have a restraint that allows the dog to move at least twelve feet. Dogs tied on trolleys or pulleys must be able to move a total of at least twelve feet.


    have a heart for chained dogs

Other Steps to Take:

(courtesy of Dogs Deserve Better)

1- Try speaking and offering help to the owner..trying to encourage bringing the dog inside while speaking of the facts about the chaining of our companions. Learn why the owner won’t bring the dog inside.

2 -If it is not an option…..Offer help in the form of straw, food, doghouse if needed…anything to help the dog, IF this is what they have to endure for now. A warm shelter is better than no shelter at all. At least the dog will be warm until we can work on a better situation. It is not the end result, but a short term solution to saving the dog from the extreme weather – OR if you can find and be sure to have, someplace where the dog can go, an owner may be willing to surrender the dog.

3-Reach out to friends to also help if needing financial help with straw, doghouses etc.

Don’t Give Up.

4- If this gets you nowhere because the owner refuses your help, contact the local animal control..and encourage others to do so. If needed, get the numbers or/and emails of the animal control’s supervisors as well. Don’t give up…the more calls, the more the pressure will be put on to help the animal. PLEASE ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL!

5-Reach out to no-kill rescues in your area or state. Most are full…we all are….especially this time of year but the more people involved, the more chance of finding placement for the pup if the owner willing to surrender.

6 – Don’t forget to fill out the form at the link above and submit. At that time, we can begin to attempt to work with the officials and owners.

Those of us who treat our animals like family members understand why keeping a dog chained outdoor is heartless. But there are a lot of reasons why people still do it. Learn more about the facts with this FAQ put together by the HSUS. 



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