Big News: Pet Sitting Employees in Las Vegas

 Why we use Pet Sitting Employees in Las Vegas and the TEAM approach to Pet Care

We’ve been making big changes behind the scenes here at Little White Dog Co. and we’re excited to let you know what we’ve been working on. Since 2011 we’ve been determined to be the absolute best pet care company in Las Vegas, and we consider our care second only yours. As demand grows and we bring on more pet sitting employees in Las Vegas, we want to make sure that our excellent care and customer service remains five star. Our Owner Kristen Corral is always educating herself on industry standards and strives to always be the leader in the Las Vegas Pet Sitting and Pet Care business community.

Why we have Employees and NOT Independent Contractors

In most states, including Nevada it has been considered industry standard for pet sitting companies to use independent contractors. We have chosen to set the bar high and be the ONLY pet care company in Las Vegas to use official employees. Not only is this better for our staff it’s better for our clients too. Here’s why:

  1.  Employees can be highly trained and ours our PetAid/CPR certified.
  2.  Employees are covered under workman’s comp insurance, so if they’re injured on your property it’s covered by us.
  3.  Employees are background checked
  4.  Employees can be managed and required to stick to a schedule.
  5.  It’s required by law.


What is the TEAM Approach?

At Little White Dog Co. we use the TEAM approach with our staff. This means that you may not get one sitter for every scheduled service. We do this for a variety of reasons;

  1. Pet Socialization – the more people that interact with your pets the more socialization they get which helps them be happy healthy  individuals.
  2. Staff Morale– just like you don’t work 7 days a week 15 hours a day we can’t ask our staff too. Our employees are allowed to have days off and take vacations as needed. We also have different shifts such as morning, afternoon and evening.
  3. You’re Always Covered– sometimes things come up and your trip might get extended or you have to work an extra long shift last minute. Because we use the team approach all of our sitters are trained to cover all of our clients. This way you are never left without pet care.
“Great things in business are never done by one person they are done by a team of people.”-Steve Jobs

pet sitting employees las vegas

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, staff or how we operate we would love to hear form you. – 702-237-9287





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