Dog Yoga- Down Dog with Your Dog

While Yoga has been around for thousands of years, Dog Yoga is a relatively new concept. Bringing your dog in to your zen space may sound crazy, but you will be surprised at how much this practice helps your dog. Check out some of the reasons why I think that everyone should be doing Dog Yoga. No experience necessary.

Creates a Stronger Bond Between You and Your Pet

The word yoga comes from the root yuj in Sanksrit, which means “to unite”. The dog yoga I teach is called ‘Anima’ Yoga Fusion. The word Anima in latin refers to ones true inner self or soul. When practicing yoga with my dog I like to think that our souls are uniting. All of the poses in Anima involve touch, which helps to create a loving bond. PRO TIP: Regular practice is great for newly adopted pets. It helps to form a close relationship with their new owner.

 Helps with Balance and Strength

Anima Dog Yoga focuses a lot on balance. As dogs age, movement becomes restricted and muscle tone is often lost. By doing exercises that have the dog balance on 2 or 3 legs at time you can begin to restore strength.

Helps with Relaxation

Everyone needs to relax sometimes, even your pets. While it seems like your dogs spend a lot of time happily lounging, they can often suffer from boredom. Dog Yoga helps them focus on learning new exercises. This is not only physically challenging, it’s mentally challenging as well. Often times after a 30 minute session your dog will be feeling extremely energized and then very tired.

Helps to Keep Joints Lubricated

Just like us, our pets get stiff too. By keeping your pets joints moving in a healthy manor you move the old synovial fluid out and allow new fluid to move in. Certain Dog Yoga poses promote natural movement and encourage self stretching for long lasting results.

Want to learn more about Anima Dog Yoga? Visit Little White Dog Co. You can also pick up the book Doga, Yoga for you and your Dog and start practicing at home.


Kristen Corral is the owner of Little White Dog Co. Pet Services in Las Vegas. She is certified in Animal Massage, Dog Yoga and PetAid/CPR.



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