Dog Walker – 5 signs you need one

Dog Walker – 5 signs you need one

You may think that your 15 minute walk in the morning has your dogs needs covered, but that may not be true. While some small or older dogs do fine with a short walk, most dogs aren’t getting as much exercise as they need. If any of these sound familiar it may be time to hire a dog walker.


1. They’re looking a little overweight.

If your dog is looking a little heavier then they used to: first check with your vet to make sure there isn’t a medical problem. Diet and exercise modification might be necessary.


2. They’re destructive.

People often don’t understand why their dogs are chewing up couches, beds, pillows etc. It can be very frustrating and most times the problem is boredom. Extended one hour walks can help exhaust your pet mentally and physically.


3. They’re going potty in the house.

If you work long hours your dog may not be able to hold it until you get back. Alternatively, sometimes pottying in the house can be a behavioral issue. Our pets love us and miss us when we are gone. Having a dog walker come can break up the day and make it more bearable.


4. They lack confidence and structure.

Dogs build confidence when they’re able to see, smell and experience many different things and can learn about different areas of the world.This is yet another way that walking benefits dogs.


5. You work A LOT

We all feel like we work to much. Our furry friends feel it even more. If you work long daily hours or  work on the weekends a dog walker can not only be great for exercising, they can be a great friend too!

Good News: If you live in the Las Vegas area and you’re looking for a Dog Walker, Little White Dog Co. can help with your dog walking needs. Ask about our Dog Walking Club.





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