Summer with Pets- How to beat the Heat

Summer with Pets- How to Beat the Heat

Summer is upon us! It doesn’t matter if you are new to town or if you have lived here 10 years, the Vegas heat is always a shock. It is important to remember that our pets feel the heat just as we do. Surviving summer with pets in Vegas is ruff.  As the temperatures reach 100+ degrees, use these tips to keep your pets safe, cool and happy this summer.


Don’t ever leave your pets in the car.

Heat stroke can set in very quickly. It seems unthinkable to most pet owners, but I see it all the time. Even 10 minutes in a hot car can be deadly, not to mention it is illegal.


Do walks early in the morning or late evening.

When the thermometer reaches 100, the blacktop can reach temps of 165 or more. Dogs can suffer severe burns on their feet. If your dog needs an afternoon potty break and you don’t have a yard, stay on grassy areas or on the white pavement in shaded areas. If you usually take your dogs to the dog park make sure to go first thing in the morning or right before it gets dark.


Invest in a pair of doggie shoes.

Dog shoes or boots are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and styles. It may take some time for your dog to get used to them but they will eventually learn. Plus, you’ll get a laugh in the meantime.


Go Swimming!

Swimming is excellent exercise for dogs of all ages. It can be used in addition to walks or as a replacement for walks. It is low impact so dogs can keep muscle tone with out strain on the joints. Try getting in the pool with your dog and playing fetch. I always recommend using a life jacket for beginner or expert swimmers. It makes it easier to guide them in, out and around the pool.


Consider Indoor Training.

Places like Smarty Paws offer indoor agility, boot camps, obedience and even service dog training. You can attend some of the classes with your dog, but they also have combo daycare/training programs for your dog while you are at work.


Look for planned events.

There are a number of weekly and monthly events that take place indoors or in the evening. A good resource for finding pet events is Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine. A few annual events include Reading with Rascal and Yoga with Rover.


Consider a Spa Day.

The summer heat can leave your pets dirty and sweaty. There seems to be a groomer on every corner now, but for the ultimate spa experience try taking your dog to Shaggy Chic. They offer services like paw-dicures, blueberry facials, teeth brushing, foot massages and more. They of course offer the must have haircut and blow dry as well. Does your cat need a spa day too? Try Hair of the Dog full service grooming salon with a self-serve dog wash, dog daycare, & cat grooming.










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